Oilaway Equipment

Mobile Equipment

Mobile Coolant Recycling 120

Are you paying to dispose of good reusable coolant? WHY, when you can reuse it?

Quickly and effectively recover, hold and then return reusable coolant

Mobile Oil Dialysis

Are you paying to dispose of used Oil? Why not clean the oil instead of changing it?

Quickly and effectively removes contaminates from used oil.

Mobile Oil Dispensing

Fast, Efficient and Sealed Oil Dispensing

Quickly and effectively dispense fresh oil using compressed air

Oilaway Suction Vessel 120

Fast, Efficient Sealed Waste Oil Recovery

Quickly and effectively removes waste oil using compressed air


Fluid Storage

Waste Oils, Coolants, Screenwash, Brake Fluid and Diesel

Secure and compliant storage of fluids and waste oils

Workshop Equipment

Drum Bund

Low volume fresh oil storage

Secure and compliant storage of fresh oil

Oil Filter Crusher

Fast, Compliant Oil Filter Crusher

Crushes oil filters from End of Life vehicles

Mobile Workshop Equipment

Low Level Drainer

Multi Purpose Low Level Drainer

Fully portable for use on forecourt and workshop floor

Motorcycle Drainer

Suitable for Draining Waste Oil from Motorcycles

Motorcycle Drainer drains waste oil by suction or gravity