Oilaway Products

The Oilaway Universal Adapter

The Oilaway Universal Adapter has been especially developed to simplify the oil disposal and replenishment cycle encountered during the maintenance process.

Especially designed to support a range of “click on – click-off” adapters including the Oilaway Test Adapter and Oilaway QuickDrain and Refill System, this device, and its accompanying Oilaway systems, addresses multiple requirements of major operators to:

  • Streamline and speed the maintenance operation – reducing oil sump drain and replenishment time down to approx. 3 mins (typical train engine sump).
  • Reduce cleaning and clear-up costs – avoiding internal engineer and external contractor costs.
  • Protect engineers form carcinogenic contamination and slippage accidents – improving engineers working conditions, supporting best health and safety practices and staff retention programmes.
  • Comply with health and safety and environmental regulations – and reduce the consequential risk of fines and work stoppage notices.



Oilaway QuickDrain and Refill System

The Oilaway QuickDrain and Refill System comprises the design and installation of an automated end to end,  oil drain, storage and replenishment process to support the maintenance operations of heavy duty powertrain components.

The system, which can be customised and installed at major automotive and rail operators, streamlines and speeds the oil change process to provide a clean, compliant and cost effective maintenance, waste storage and disposal solution designed to deliver ROI within 12-18 months and multiple returns thereafter.

The cost benefits of the system have already been proven within major domestic and international brands who have prioritised cost, compliance and asset longevity in order to meet corporate and customer service demands


Oilaway Fluid Sampling

Simplifying the Testing Process

Taking and analysing test oil samples, in order to pre-emptively identify component wear, have long been standard practice. However the sampling process can not only cause contamination but in some cases may deter sampling due to inaccessibility (e.g. guards, or poor location).

In order to streamline this process Oilaway have developed a simple “snap on – snap-off” adapter that can be connected via customised tubing to avoid the necessity to either remove the sump plug or remove and re-fit other (heavy) components in order to extract a test sample.

In addition Oilaway can provide a test sampling and reporting service as part of a maintenance programme or as a stand-alone service.



Oilaway is part of the AutoDrain brand group, which has 20 years’ experience in the maintenance and recycling of powertrain components and fluids. Oilaway is registered by Achilles RISQS (Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme) and has a series of important certifications:

  • ISO 9001,
  • Certification of HAZMAT compliance
  • IMI Approved Centre
  • Investors in People Accredited

AutoDrain is an established centre for the training of inspectors from the Environment Agency to support the End of Life Depollution Campaign.