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Reducing Maintenance Costs

Oilaway systems help resolve the operational cost issues related to the maintenance of heavy duty powertrain components by reducing clean-up costs, quickly returning assets to operational duties, and improving workshop capacity.

Aligning Solutions That Help Extend Asset Life

Oilaway provide a range of proven solutions supporting the operations of leading international brands such as  Alstom, Hitachi, and CAF. Services can include fluid testing to identify premature component wear and customised solutions to protect powertrain components against contamination while being serviced in difficult operational conditions.

Implementing Best Practice to Support Compliance

Enabling solutions that help implement best practices, supporting environmental compliance and providing clean and safe working environments that comply with European and UK regulatory frameworks.

Strategic Advice and Guidance to Managers

Oilaway are part of the AutoDrain brand-group who have been supplying guidance information to operators and government authorities for over 20 years. These have been encased in mentoring and training agreements that have typically included:

Upgrading Workshop Processes and Practices
Replacing traditional messy and inefficient fluid handling with high speed, clean and modern methods, helping workshops maintain an uncontaminated environment that protects engineers and speeds the return of expensive assets back into service.

Implementing Processes to Comply with Environmental and Health and Safety Regulations
Installing end-to-end compliant environmental management controls that help ensure maintenance and repair facilities efficiently and cleanly, dispose, recycle and reclaim waste fluids.

Provision of Management Information and Training
Sharing up-to-date Information by conducting regular strategic reviews, supported by management bulletins and training of maintenance engineers designed to help ensure knowledge is up-to-date and standards are aligned with regulations and inspection requirements.






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