Mobile Oil Dialysis

Are you paying to dispose of used Oil? Why not clean the oil instead of changing it?

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Quickly and effectively removes contaminates from used oil.
  • Reduce costs by cleaning reusable oil instead of buying fresh oil
  • No waste oil disposal costs if you clean and reuse.
  • No waste transfer paperwork to worry about
  • Oil is pumped out of the vehicle into the Oilaway dialysis machine. Using microfilters, water, rust and small metal particles are filtered out, and the oil is then returned into the vehicle in a sealed system.
  • Increase engine and gearbox reliability by using the Oilaway sealed system, which prevents any external contaminants entering engines or gearboxes.
  • Suitable for the cleaning of all types of oils even when hot.
  • Low maintenance


  • Weight 35kg
  • H980 x L450 x W515mm
  • Hose lengths made to order
  • Pneumatically operated – 240v versions available
  • Complete with Oilaway couplings
  • Filters can be selected to give different micron filtering levels
  • Larger fixed systems available

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