Oilaway Suction Vessel 120

Fast, Efficient Sealed Waste Oil Recovery

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Quickly and effectively removes waste oil using compressed air
  • Speed up servicing times, this system empties the full system of a vehicle or machine in minutes.
  • No worker contact with carcinogenic waste oil.
  • No burns from hot waste oil.
  • No pollution from oil spills.
  • No slips on spilt waste oil.
  • Reduced labour costs.
  • Reduced cleaning costs.
  • Designed to comply with legislation.
  • Stand-alone mobile oil removal equipment.
  • Once charged can be used independently of airline allowing free movement around the workshop.
  • Suitable for the recovery of all types of oils even when hot.
  • Low maintenance


  • Weight 27.5kg
  • H980 x L740 x W515mm
  • 120ltr capacity
  • Pneumatically operated
  • Complete with Oilaway coupling

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